Never say „never”!

Today is the last day of school year. Another school year that I spent teaching English, since very first day of September till now.

I was teaching in Czech primary schools and high schools, I was teaching in kindergarden, I was a substitute teacher in language schools, I was teaching as private tutor at home….

it’s funny, since when I was younger I told myself that I will never ever teach anyone. And there it goes.

Obviously, every student of English Department claims that there are many other career options and that they will write and translate books (of course I still hope for that).

With me it was always the problem that I felt I’m just too shy to teach. Guess what? I’m not. And actually I kind of like it. I met amazing people this year – teachers, student’s, student’s families. And who knows, maybe maybe one day I will really go to China and teach language there.

After all – never say never!