Time for showdown

Or „advanced bureaucracy”

Two months have passed without me noticing it. And, – as it is stated in my agreement – the time came to deal with the shopping made from EU money.

Here’s a piece of information kind of obvious, but always worth reminding.

1. Agreements, agreements, agreements. Agreements are important because without agreement you cannot convince the advertising company to distribute the leafleats for you. Or to hang the banners and posters. Or to do anyhing apart from giving you two carton boxes full of papers and saying „good luck”.

2. There is fine, fine line between netto and brutto. (said cpt. Statement Obvious)

3. If you get a foreign invoice and you need to deliver it to the labor office, you have to translate it with the help of sworn translator. Even if you are translator yourself and the invoice is for CAT tools.

4. officialism is dark and full of terrors.


Also, I probably have sprained wrist. Not because of officialism. Because of martial arts.

Over and out

Tea Translations


„Small Ann, big business”

Hello, hello, mic testing




Seems that you can hear me loud and clear.

I guess it is worth to start with some sort of introduction and presentation. My name is Ann and I’m a freelance translator. Or – more accurate – I’m trying to be an independent translator, run my own business and not go insane.

So, how did it happen? 

I finished my studies and tried to find job. Didn’t go that smooth because english studies do not seem to be very prospective field. We know English and we can communicate but we are lacking more precise skills. Being unemployed right after the studies is kind of depressing. I do not like being depressed, I like to take risks and challenge myself. Therefore „Tea Translations” project came to life. I got some money from EU and was allowed to do some shopping (laptop, office furniture, stuff), and I kicked off. It is currently my second month in the business now.  Ten more to go – I need to be on my own for a whole year.I’m still a little bit confused, scared and at the same time amazed. Everything is new for me. Everything is interesting. Every day I make mistakes and learn something new. 

And this is pretty much what this blog will be about. Learning. Experiencing. Taking risk.

And of course drinking tea and translating.